It all adds up

Peggy Stewart

I would like to thank professor Geoffrey Sirc for calling attention to the TCF Bank StadiumâÄôs scoreboard light pollution in his Dec. 10 letter to the editor. By leaving the scoreboard lighting on for all to see, one would like to think that it is the powers that be that have been trying to cheer us up through the holidays. How else could one justify this continual and ridiculous waste of energy? The University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved the building of the stadium and the University built the stadium, although it is not really clear to me who owns the stadium. I suspect, though, that those controlling the switch havenâÄôt thoroughly read the UniversityâÄôs Facilities Management Web site, âÄúIt All Adds Up,âÄù which implores âÄúHit the lights. Make it a habit to turn off lightsâĦ âÄù One would think that since the stadium was awarded the first collegiate LEED Silver Certification for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings that this waste and pollution wouldâÄôve been pre-empted. Yes, the stadium scoreboard does use LED lights, however, I would like to suggest to Mike Berthelsen, the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management that the âÄúIt All Adds UpâÄù Web site be updated to include a suggestion to turn off the stadium scoreboard lights when the stadium is not in use. The Web site already clearly advises, under âÄúTips for Units,âÄù to âÄúreduce lighting levels in areas that seem overlighted.âÄù It would be nice if someone would take the initiative to flip off the stadium light switch. It doesnâÄôt take too bright a bulb to deem the stadium scoreboard over lit. Peggy Stewart University staff