University of Minnesota offers trauma & grief counseling after area co-ed blows Carrot Top

Donnie Smother

The University of Minnesota’s student resources center is offering grief counseling for the friends and family of Amy Bushenlinger, after the U of M sophomore recently spent a drunken evening woozily performing oral sex on redheaded prop comic Carrot Top.

“This is not something that will simply go away overnight,” said grief counselor Dr. Mary Battlebaum. “These people are suffering from a lot of pain. The Amy Bushenlinger they knew is gone, and nothing can ever replace that loss.

“Friends and family are asking themselves what they could have done to prevent this horrific tragedy. But that kind of talk is simply self-defeating. My job is to help them deal with their guilt and grief,” Dr. Battlebaum said. Battlebaum has dealt with cases like this across the country, including six recent cases at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. “There were six girls there,” Battlebaum said sadly. “It was like an epidemic in Madison. The whole campus had to be closed down for a day for mourning.”

Bushenlinger’s roommate, Lisa Flossid, explained that she’s only now beginning to recover from the shock. “I mean, I was in the room when it happened. And there were no warning signs. She didn’t even leave a note.” Flossid shook her head sadly. “I saw it all. It’s going to be a long time before I get that image out of my head. Poor Amy–she was too young to have something like this happen to her.