New group protests worker, environment abuses

A groundbreaking alliance between labor unions and environmental groups has recently formed. The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment will attempt to discourage corporate practices that threaten domestic jobs and the environment. This alliance has the potential to be a powerful defender of fair labor practices and proper use of natural resources.
The alliance is made up of about 100 labor organizations and 120 environmental groups including the Teamsters, the United Steelworkers, Earth First and the American Lands Alliance.
With the rapid increase in multi-national conglomerations, nations have become less accountable for treatment of workers and the environment. As the World Trade Organization has acquired international influence, it has also acquired the ability to evade individual nations’ laws. Traditionally antagonistic, labor unions and environmental groups working together can become an effective critic of inappropriate behavior by international companies because of its vast size. The alliance intends to protest objectionable actions committed by the WTO.
For this alliance to be effective at ensuring proper treatment of the environment and workers, the different factions must agree on the importance of each others’ agendas. The current world economy makes such an alliance absolutely necessary. If the alliance can sustain a unified presence, it will be beneficial for workers and the environment globally.
Rhetoric conference
unites feminist leaders
Scholars from around the world will gather Oct. 7-9 to participate in the Second Biannual Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference. This well-planned conference is a great setting for interested individuals to come together for networking and learning. The majority of the attendees are educators in the fields of rhetoric, literature, communications and women’s studies, but many other fields will be represented.
There are 37 speakers scheduled representing disciplines from English to science. There will also be panels, performances, roundtables and readings. In addition, there will be an online conference center that includes online meeting rooms, videos of some presentations, a listserv and abstracts of conference papers. A small sampling of sessions offered includes Identity Politics and the Family, Girl Power, Feminism on the Web and a presentation by acclaimed writer Dorothy Allison.
The size of the conference also offers attendees a chance to network with other writers and feminists. This aspect is extremely beneficial, as it allows a chance to create community in a rapidly expanding field of study.
The conference benefits the University by enhancing the academic community and garnering our school national attention.