Three reasons we have not attended any TCF games

Teresa Roth

Three reasons why my spouse, my friends and I haven’t attended any games at the new TCF stadium: 1. The web site is design is very poor and does not allows students purchase tickets to an individual home game in advance. We want to plan ahead for work and study schedules. 2. The website doesn’t explain where to go to get tickets for the individual games , when and how many tickets are available and how much they cost. 3 The tickets are too expensive. We only want to attend one or two games a season because of the cost and time commitment. We do not want season tickets. We want to get student tickets for a group. The group consists of current students, alums, spouses and their children. We were offered tickets by student season ticket holders but they wanted $25 each, but our price point for this type of entertainment is free to $10. We choose to attend free sporting events at the University instead of football games. We expect the student tickets to be more affordable since we pay a fee to subsidize the stadium. Teresa Roth University undergraduate student