Wal-Mart consumers gone mad

It is an outrage that a Wal-Mart worker was trampled last Friday. It was shocking to find out that a worker was trampled because of the pandemonium and drama of Black Friday. Wal-Mart is the super-giant of consumer goods retailers, and no wonder they have the best deals every year. What happened to the families who wake up early and eat breakfast at a diner before hitting up all the different stores where their favorite deals and gimmicks are? Wal-Mart has created lunacy in people. There should be a call for action and responsibility for Wal-Mart to see that this never happens again. I hope they give the family of that worker a settlement for the madness created by Wal-MartâÄôs deals and limited quantities. Secondly, I hope Wal-Mart will act on this accident by creating new protocol as to how it handles Black Friday ever year. Giving out numbers to the people in lines as an order of who goes into the store first is one idea. A start could be limiting the number of people who enter the store. As consumers, we also need to act more civilized by not all piling into a crazed mob and stampede into the store when the doors open. At least at Insane Clown Posse concerts when youâÄôre knocked down in the mosh pit someone picks you up! Mack Deibel University student