Faculty committee releases scandal progress report

Liz Bogut

The special faculty committee responsible for referring students, faculty and staff members for additional investigation and review for their involvement in the men’s basketball scandal released a public progress report Thursday.
A total of 14 faculty and staff members and 17 students were sent to different colleges for review, the report stated. The report marks the first stage in the process of investigation and review within colleges.
The report is a summary of the committee’s findings after concluding an examination of the external academic investigation report released in November.
The faculty committee referred a majority of the 17 students to several different colleges for multiple incidents.
In addition, the faculty committee referred 10 collegiate policies and procedures for possible revision in instances where academic dishonesty was suspected.
Although the number of student, faculty and staff referrals was included in the report, the names of the individuals and the instances of academic dishonesty were omitted.
“All of that information is highly confidential and will never be made public,” said Linda Ellinger, associate to the executive vice president and provost.
The individual colleges will review each case and forward recommendations back to central administration, said Bob Bruininks, executive vice president and provost.
Bruininks said in some cases colleges will resolve the issues and make decisions independently.
Students, staff and faculty members will have the right to appeal decisions made by the colleges.
“We hope the entire process will be concluded by June,” Bruininks said.

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