MPLS.TV collabs with

Mark Brenden

In what is arguably the best thing that could ever happen to a local “content hub produced by an independent Do-It-Together network of videographers, writers, and other creators,” MPLS.TV has agreed to share their popular “City of Music” series with The series — an artistic collaboration of various local artists, as well as director Dan Huiting — started as a way to showcase local indie artists through video. The project remains true to its original goal, but has recently opened its doors to national indie acts like the Drums and Toro Y Moi.

The nature of the collaboration is a bit ambiguous. Pitchfork writes simply they are launching a program “which highlights private studio performances in unique locations throughout our website’s birthplace, Minneapolis.” It remains to be seen how much local stuff will be exposed on or if it will simply be a national Pitchfork endeavor that happens to take place in and be produced by people in Minneapolis. It also remains to be seen if MPLS.TV will “sell out” and lowercase their “.tv” for the sake of congruity. Either way, this partnership is a resoundingly good thing for the Minneapolis scene.

You can watch the first video on here. You can read our 2010 profile on MPLS.TV here.