Groups funded by fees are carefully chosen

To keep many student groups and facilities up and running, student services fees are assessed. Anyone enrolled for six or more credits is required to pay this $238.69 fee.
“Any registered student group can apply to receive funding from the student services fees,” said Patrick Peterson, a spokesman for the Minnesota Student Association.
The process of applying to be a student group begins in early December. Applications are available through the Campus Involvement Center.
After applying, the group must make a presentation in front of the Student Services Fees Committee. The committee comprises 15 members, mostly students.
“From the presentations, the committee decides which groups will receive funds and how much each group receives,” Peterson said.
This year’s committee members will be picked in October. Students who wish to apply can contact the Minnesota Student Association at 625-9992 or the Campus Involvement Center at 626-6919.
— Megan Boldt