Carol Schulstad

A common sense, family approach beats pork barrel spending for Carol Simmons Schulstad, who said her fiscal and social conservatism is vital when the nation is $5.5 trillion in debt.
The candidate for U.S. House of Representatives said unlike the two indistinguishable major parties, the Minnesota Taxpayers Party offers more than rhetoric.
“I have a common sense approach which says the government has to tighten its buckle just like a family would have to do to make ends meet,” she said.
From serving on the governor’s task force for Choice in Education in 1995 to writing grants for youth-sponsored community events, Schulstad said she has a commitment to education.
Schulstad’s two children attend the University, Jessica and Morgan, and said she “truly cares about the future generations and the future of the country.”
One Schulstad goal is creating educational options that best fit individual need.
Her 16-year-old daughter Morgan attends the University under the post secondary option, exemplifying a student with educational choice, she said.
She said incumbent Bruce Vento opposed a plan for pre-tax higher education savings accounts, something she supports.
“Moreover, I support local and parental control of education,” she said. “That’s why we have elected school boards.”