“Photoshopped Beauty” response

Kelsey Johnson

Congratulations to Kara Nesvig for possessing the consumer-industry knowledge that air-brushing does not, in fact, represent the way real people look and the confidence to withstand the constant barrage of perfection depicted to us as consumers. If more people, particularly women, felt the way she does, airbrushing might not be the problem it is today. However, when the majority of women, many without the background knowledge to comprehend the amount of retouching done in photos, view these ads, they see a sculpted, smoothed, toned female ideal. Countless adolescent girls and women see the models for those industries as the pinnacle of perfection, a picture of beauty that is actually supposed to be attained, rather than looked at as art. The mass beauty and fashion industries need to do a better job of reminding the public that the models theyâÄôre airbrushing arenâÄôt meant to represent real people. Kelsey Johnson, University undergraduate student