Being sick just got easier

Boynton Health Service’s Gopher Quick Clinic makes it easier to get seen by someone.

It’s tough being sick as a college student. It is difficult enough to catch up from missing classes, but being sick carries many other inconveniences. Students must notify their instructors and their job, find medicine, try to get seen by a doctor and set aside everything to rest. In the past, we have commented on how hard it was to see a doctor at Boynton when you really needed to.

But, just this year, Boynton Health Service has answered our, and many other students’ pleas for an easier way to get seen by a medical professional. Gopher Quick Clinic offers University students, staff and faculty walk-in services without the wait.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday during the day and walk-ins are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Patients must select one from a list of minor illnesses and skin conditions for which to be seen. Trained practitioners focus the appointment around the ailment selected by the patient to efficiently test for and diagnose it, and can also prescribe drugs. Appointments last about 15 minutes and although a patient might have to wait for the appointment to start, it is incredibly convenient. The list of treatable minor illnesses include: cough/cold, seasonal allergies, bladder infection, strep throat and many others, and the clinic also offers pregnancy tests and the flu shot.

The clinic is funded by the student services fee, which all full-time students pay along with their tuition for various campus services and student groups. It is refreshing to see student services fees going toward something that can be so directly beneficial to those who pay it. Students should take advantage of the convenience of the Gopher Quick Clinic. If we show Boynton that we appreciate their services, they will continue to provide us with fast and affordable options.