Whooaaa, Trigger!

Dennis Hejhal

IâÄôve had the privilege of working at several internationally top-rated research universities. But, only at the University of Minnesota, whose long-term goal is to be among the top-three public research universities in the United States, do I find in the newspaper a front-page article stating seriously âÄúthey [the UMPD horse patrol] practice writing tickets, issuing commands and firing weapons from horseback âĦâÄù Talk about a culture clash. âÄúSettle down now, Trigger.âÄù And isnâÄôt this like the second time in about three or four years that the UMPD horses have been written about in The Minnesota Daily? âÄúEaaaasy, boy.âÄù IâÄôm looking forward to installment number three and to more stories about the new stadium and crowd/riot control at the University. Dennis Hejhal University professor