Buggs’ hearing delayed,bail stays at $1 million

A man charged with the murder of a University student is still in jail after a Hennepin County District Judge refused Wednesday to lower his bail.
Louis Cardona Buggs is charged with murdering Kami Talley on Feb. 14, 1996. Members of Talley’s family sat in the courtroom as Buggs awaited a decision on whether he would be indicted.
However, Hennepin County prosecutors requested a two-week continuance to gather more evidence before presenting the case to a grand jury. A grand jury determines indictments in Hennepin county.
Buggs’ attorney opposed the delay and argued that because Buggs cannot afford bail, his right to a quick and speedy trial is threatened. Buggs’ attorney also asked the court to reduce Buggs’ bail from $1 million to $250,000, but Hennepin County Judge Thor Anderson denied the request.
After Talley’s death, Buggs disappeared from the state and led police on an international search through Minnesota, Texas and Mexico before they finally arrested him in Virginia in late April.
Buggs was extradited from Virginia and has been in the Hennepin County jail since July 3. His next scheduled court appearance is 9 a.m. Aug. 7.

— Kamariea Forcier