Safety in the 90s: things to remember

(U-WIRE) COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Ah, Valentine’s Day. It was probably grand; all flowers, candy and other lovey-dovey-type things. But on Saturday night, a woman probably drank a little too much, did drugs or was slipped a roofie.
That woman probably woke up the next day, groggy, confused and naked.
Frighteningly enough, things like this happen all the time. If an impaired woman doesn’t give consent, it is rape or sexual assault. Women can protect themselves, and their friends, in a number of ways.
When you are out in a social setting, watch your drink — that means, don’t take a drink from anyone and don’t set your drink down, even for a second. Drinks are easy to tamper with.
Go to parties with friends and make sure you keep an eye on each other. Employ the buddy system. Don’t let your friend leave with someone she just met that night.
Know your limits when drinking. Being wasted or passing out leaves you with no control and no defense.
If you don’t know, or trust, the people around you, don’t do any drugs or anything else that may decrease your ability to make a good decision.
The theme of the University of Michigan’s Terp CHOICES program for Valentine’s Day was that alcohol and romance don’t mix. They gave out sparkling cider as an alternative to alcohol with a Top 10 list of reasons why romance and drinking are a dangerous or unattractive combination.
This is an important lesson to remember, especially in this day and age when you can’t be too careful. You never know what someone’s motives and intentions are. In today’s society, it is almost smart to be paranoid about your safety. Remember to always keep yourself safe when you go out all year around, not just around Valentine’s Day.
Make smart choices.
This staff editorial appeared in Monday’s edition of the University of Maryland’s The Diamondback.