Student services fees allocation process is viewpoint neutral

On April 15, the Minnesota Daily published an article, “Misconceptions plague U’s Ayn Rand group,” on the Ayn Rand Study Group, which claimed that a misunderstanding of this group’s mission and goals prevented it from receiving funding from the student services fees. As the chair of the student group side of the Student Services Fees Committee, I assure that this was not the case. At no time did the committee make funding recommendations based on the viewpoint of any group, including the Ayn Rand Study Group. For more detailed information about the funding recommendations made by the SSFC, I urge readers to visit the SSFC website and read the funding rationales written by the committee, as well as the applications and budgets submitted by the organization requesting funds. The committee’s funding recommendations are the result of many hours of discussion and debate, the nuances of which cannot be easily summarized in a news story.