Dinkytown adds Great Clips, Starbucks to Venue apartments

This will be the seventh Starbucks and second Great Clips to open near campus.

by Anne Millerbernd

Right now, some residents of the Venue in Dinkytown live above vacant spaces — but come mid-October, they’ll have a Starbucks and a Great Clips below their bedrooms.

The Opus Group, which developed and designed the apartment complex, announced the project’s official completion and disclosed its new lessees in a Thursday press release.

Erin Swendsen, leasing consultant for the Venue, said the Great Clips location was formally announced in May, and though the Starbucks lease wasn’t disclosed to students at move-in, many heard about it through word of mouth.

“I’ve had a lot of residents say that they’re going to go broke,” she said. “But it’s a nice addition to the Dinkytown area just because there’s not a Starbucks over here or a chain coffee shop.”

Espresso Royale sits just around the corner of the planned Starbucks space, which Swendsen said will open the second week of October.

Espresso Royale regional manager Dan Zielske said he has anticipated the chain coffee shop’s arrival for some time. There have been Starbucks and Caribou Coffee locations in Dinkytown before, he said, and Espresso Royale will make adjustments if necessary.

“Would it be better if they weren’t there? Yes,” he said. “But it’s not a surprise that they’re coming.”

Once the businesses open, the Dinkytown Starbucks will be the seventh near the University of Minnesota. Starbucks and Great Clips locations also share a building next to the Commons Hotel on Washington Avenue Southeast.

For now, the property’s retail space, which includes Goodwill’s new concept store Gina + Will, has about 2,200 square feet of vacant space, according to the release.