U police respond to drunken driving

Jason Juno

According to police reports, a laptop was stolen on campus this week. Staff members at the child rehabilitation building on the East Bank reported the theft.

Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department, said students with laptops should write down the computers’ serial numbers.

Johnson said staff members provided a serial number for the laptop. This can help people get stolen property back, catch the person who stole it or both.

Another thing people should do is back up the data on a laptop if it is important and keep the data separate from the laptop, he said.

There were two other reports of theft on campus in the last week. Both involved unattended property, the police reports said.

“All it takes is an opportunity for somebody to get something,” Johnson said. “Whatever you have, lock it up.”

He said that if students see suspicious activity, they should call police.

There is also an active investigation into a theft at the Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative business office in St. Paul, Johnson said. He said he could not give any more information on the case.

Drinking and driving

There were three incidents of drinking and driving in the last week.

Two of the drivers were underage and cited for underage drinking and driving, according to the police reports.

Underage people are not allowed to have any alcohol in their system, Johnson said.

The other driver was 21, the reports stated. He agreed to a breathalyzer test, which showed his blood alcohol level at .15.

That level is almost twice the legal limit, Johnson said.

The driver was booked at Hennepin County Jail for fourth-degree driving while being intoxicated, the reports said.

Police discover close to 200 cases of drinking and driving each year on campus, Johnson said.

Hit and runs

Three hit-and-run incidents were reported to police in the last week, police reports stated. Two incidents involved parked cars.

Johnson said people must exchange contact information after an accident.

If involved in an accident, people should first worry about safety. For example, if a person is driving on Interstate 35W in rush-hour traffic, it would be best to get out of the way of traffic, he said. But if the accident happened out of the way of traffic, a person should keep the car there to preserve evidence, he said.

If a person witnesses a hit-and-run, he or she should call police, because the violator might be wanted for other crimes, Johnson said.

“You could be saving another life,” he said. “911 is a free call on your cell phone.”

Car damage

A person parked a car in a lot near Fifth Street Southeast overnight Friday. The next morning, she discovered someone had thrown a television set through the rear window, according to a police report.

The suspect is unknown, and the case is inactive.

Trespassing citation issued at Walter Library

Police cited an intoxicated man at Walter Library with a trespass warning, meaning he cannot go to the library for 30 days, Johnson said.

He smelled of alcohol, had trouble speaking and had his pants zipper down, the report stated.