Sitting down with Gophers target Jarvis Johnson

Jace Frederick

I sat down with DeLaSalle point guard and 2015 recruit Jarvis Johnson after his game with HPA in the Howard Pulley Pro City League Monday night in Eagan.

While HPA lost, Johnson often matched up with former NBA guard Troy Bell and played well, finishing with 20 points. HPA was without forward Reid Travis, who was at the LeBron James Skills Academy, and Tyus Jones, who was presumably resting up for Howard Pulley's appearance in Peach Jam, the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League's championship, later this week.

I asked the six-foot-one-inch guard, who Pitino offered a scholarship to in April, about recent schools showing interest, his contact with the Gophers staff and potential future visits.

What’s your offers number up to?

Johnson: “I’m not sure. I think it’s 10.”

What are the most recent teams that have come into play for you?

Johnson: “I’ve got it in my phone.”

I suppose it kind of gets hard to keep track of after awhile.

Johnson: “Yeah. Creighton, Clemson, Notre Dame, Iowa, Penn St., Marquette, Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Michigan St., and Texas Tech.”

It’s obviously early, but how would you describe how the process is going for you right now?

Johnson: “It was good. The first couple of times coaches contact you is exciting, but then I can see how it can get a little overwhelming, but I’m pretty used to it by now.”

Texas Tech? It’s been reported that the staff that’s there now wasn’t really looking at you as much when they were with the Gophers.

Johnson: “They were, but they were stuck on Tyus [Jones] and Reid [Travis] and Rashad [Vaughn] at the time. Now that [Gophers head coach Richard Pitino’s] here, he’s looking for young guys that can play also.”

Why do you think there’s the sudden interest from the Texas Tech staff? Why do you think that’s come about now?

Johnson: “I think it’s because they have to start new, because they went to a new school, so they probably have to start to get a good team going.”

You took unofficial visits as of April to Iowa St. and Minnesota, have you taken anymore since then?

Johnson: “Nope. I haven’t recently.”

Are you planning on taking any in the near future?

Johnson: “Yeah. I’m thinking about going to Kansas and Wisconsin soon.”

When it comes to official visits, are you planning on waiting until after your junior year?

Johnson: “Oh yeah, for sure.”

During available times, how often are you in contact with coach Pitino and the Gophers staff?

Johnson: “Me and [Gophers assistant coach Ben Johnson] are really really close, so we kind of get at it a lot during the week, because he used to go to DeLaSalle and he’s an alum, so we kind of talk a lot.”

You’re on the same AAU team as Tyus and Reid, on the same high school team as Reid, you’re seeing them go through this process, a little bit farther along, have you learned anything from watching their recruitment?

Johnson: “Yeah I have. Just don’t try to act like you’re too good for the coaches. Don’t try to ignore them. Just keep in touch.”

Do you talk to Tyus and Reid often about recruitment?

Johnson: “Me and Tyus kind of talk about it, since we’re roommates [with Howard Pulley AAU team]. but we don’t really say too much about it.”

As you’re looking at these schools, what are some of the things that you’re most looking at?

Johnson: “I would just say that it fits my play. You don’t want to go to a school, even if it’s a big school, you can’t go there if it doesn’t fit your style of play.”

What do you consider to be the best style of play for you?

Johnson: “Up-and-down, transition buckets.”

Do you have any schools that are towards the top of your list?

Johnson: “No. Not right now.”