Student cited with stealing roommate’s iPod in Territorial Hall

If U housing codes are broken, charges for campus crimes may be more severe.

Elizabeth Cook

A student reported the theft of his iPod on Thursday.

On Oct. 12, the student said, his iPod was taken from his room in Territorial Hall. A few weeks later, the student discovered his roommate had it.

The roommate said it was his and a gift from his mother, but the serial number matched the stolen one.

The roommate gave multiple explanations for why he had an iPod, including that his mother gave it to him, he bought it from another student and that he found it in a computer lab, according to the police report.

When police told the roommate they would view the computer lab security tapes, he admitted to taking it from his roommate’s desk.

The roommate said he would have given it back, if asked, and he only wanted to try it out, but in the process deleted more than 900 songs.

The roommate was issued a citation for theft.

Wachen Anderson, coordinator of judicial affairs for housing and residential life said via e-mail that when incidents involve police, they are reviewed to see if any University housing codes of conduct have been broken.

If so, the repercussions could range from a warning, intervention or possible removal, depending on the situation.

Running gets felony

Officers were on patrol when they smelled marijuana coming from a group of people on the stairs at the East River Flats Park.

When they saw police, they started to run, but when police yelled stop, they all did except for one, University Police Chief Greg Hestness said.

One student kept running and was caught by police in the park area.

The student was booked at Hennepin County Jail for fleeing an officer and the others were given warnings.

Steve Johnson, University Police Department deputy chief said people run from police often, but don’t realize the consequences.

Johnson said sometimes people will run for minor consumption and then end up getting arrested for a felony because they fled.

Smashed-up car chase

On Oct. 29, police pursued a fleeing vehicle, which ended at a parking lot at 1221 Washington Ave. S.E.

The chase began when an officer was making a left turn from the Washington Avenue ramp onto Cedar Avenue South, and a car ran a red light, almost striking an officer.

The officer turned on his lights and attempted to pull the driver over, but the driver sped up to 60 mph and began running red lights to get away.

The driver ended up pulling into a parking lot after there were multiple officers in pursuit. It was a “high-risk stop,” in which they call the driver out of the car.

The driver was intoxicated and blew a 0.182 percent blood alcohol concentration level on the preliminary breath test, Johnson said.

Earlier in the evening, she had been kicked out of the Blue Nile Restaurant and Lounge, then went to a friend’s house, Johnson said. Upon leaving, she got into a traffic accident.

When police first saw the vehicle, there was severe front-end damage and the air bags were deployed.

The driver was booked at Hennepin County Jail and given a driving while intoxicated citation.