Coleman wants all rejected absentee ballots considered

Mike Rose

Norm Coleman wants all 12,000 absentee ballots rejected during the election to be considered as he pushes forward with a court challenge to Al Franken’s lead in the recount, according to The Star Tribune. The move could result in 7,000 extra ballots getting counted, Coleman attorneys said.

Norm Coleman

The legal procedures are beginning this week in what has become a long and drawn-out recount process. A three-judge panel is faced with first deciding how extensive Coleman’s challenge will be allowed to be, then ultimately making a ruling on the outcome of the Senatorial race.

Al Franken

The move to get rejected absentee ballots considered is not new to this race–it was Al Franken who first made such a request, when he trailed heading into the recount in December. Neither Franken or Coleman had a traditional senator seat for today’s inauguration–Coleman watched from home, while Franken joined the crowd in Washington.