All campus elections

This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, students have an opportunity to change the shape of student government through one simple act: voting. I encourage each and every student, regardless of which college they belong to, the student body they are a part of (undergraduate, graduate or professional) or their own beliefs on government, to voice their opinion.

The student group I work with, the All-Campus Elections Commission, is the neutral, third-party commission that is both facilitating the elections and upholding the rules associated with it. ACEC serves to facilitate any “all-campus” election that a student group or student government body would like to hold. After we receive a completed Voting Request, we work to best serve the election by publicizing it and upholding the requirements of our rules and those of the body for which we are holding the election.

This year any undergraduate or graduate/professional student will be able to vote in an election that directly determines the leadership within their student governments and in organizations working on issues that matter to students. Even in elections where more positions are open than students listed on the ballot or where only one candidate is running, there is still the option of writing in the candidate who you believe will best serve the University community. Now is the time for you to vote and significantly contribute to the representation of student voices on campus. During April 8-10, visit to be a part of making these groups more effective and representative for all student interests.