Share the sidewalks

Recently, in the pages of The Minnesota Daily, there have been articles, columns, editorials and letters to the editor on the subject of bicycles. IâÄôd like to offer the perspective of a pedestrian.
 IâÄôm a pedestrian of extensive experience, having been walking for more than forty years. Years ago, I was a constant cyclist on my own college campus, so I know a little of their concerns. As a pedestrian, I emphatically reject the notion that I must accommodate the needs of cyclists on campus sidewalks.
Sidewalks donâÄôt belong to the cyclists. If IâÄôm not mistaken, riding bicycles on sidewalks is actually prohibited.
I donâÄôt mind sharing sidewalks with reasonable cyclists. But IâÄôm tired of being a human pylon.
Now, to strike a more constructive tone, IâÄôd like to suggest that the sidewalks are wide and we can all share them âÄî pedestrians and cyclists alike.
 I know it sounds like a fantasy, but only because two critical components are missing from the minds of so many cyclists: Common sense and common courtesy.
This is the deal, cyclists: If youâÄôre in a hurry to get somewhere, get off the sidewalk and use the roads. If you want the luxury of sharing the sidewalk with me and my fellow pedestrians, then ride slowly.