No need for loan forgiveness

Over the past few weeks, we have heard much talk about reforming and forgiving student loan debt. The Obama administration is making great strides to make student loans fair and reasonable. Still, some claim the government should be forgiving student debt.

This idea reflects a dangerous sentiment of entitlement, as students feel that society owes them an education and employment. I think itâÄôs time we take a little responsibility for our own decisions and stop asking the government to protect us from our own choices.

College is simply one path. ItâÄôs a choice, not a requirement. Given the unstable employment climate and high cost of attending a university, higher education is a risky investment.

Many high school graduates accept that they canâÄôt afford going to a university and instead choose to work and go to a community college.

The governmentâÄôs role is to maintain a fair playing field and to ensure equal access to market information, not to blatantly endorse the institution of higher education simply because graduates will be âÄúgiving back to society.âÄù

Yes, education is a great investment now and in the future, but that does not justify using tax dollars to bail out irresponsible investors. Instead, letâÄôs use the money to fund need-based scholarships and help people who would never have a chance to attend college.

We should look at the root of the problem to examine the reasons higher education is so expensive in the first place, not find short-term political solutions.