NCAA Tournament run ends for Minnesota in 1-0 heartbreaker

Nicole Tommerdahl

The University of Minnesota women’s soccer team came close, but the team couldn’t quite pull off a victory against No. 1 Notre Dame. The Gophers came out very strong, keeping the shot count nearly tied 8-9 at the end of the first half.

In the second half the team suffered, with Notre Dame tallying three shots on goal in the first 10 minutes. However despite an offensive onslaught, Minnesota was able to keep pace with an up-and-down the field game that resembled a game of pinball more closely than it did a game of soccer, eventually forcing an overtime. The extra session was only Notre Dame’s third of the season.

It looked like the Gophers might pull out a victory, but then Fighting Irish standout Kerri Hanks had her feet clipped in midshot, forcing a penalty kick. Gophers goalkeeper Lindsey Dare came out to meet the team’s leading goal-scorer, but the shot ran just wide of Dare, sneaking into the left corner of the Gophers goal.

The loss is a heartbreaker for the team and comes as the Gophers made their first Sweet 16 NCAA tournament appearance in the history of the program. Dare will end her career with a Big Ten record-holding 17 season shutouts.