Utopian UMore

At UMore Park, immigrant truck farmers, small businesses, a small grass field airport and a radio control flying club have all had their leases terminated. They were evicted from UMore Park. All were paying market-rate rent to the University. What was the rush?

Work based on the concept master plan for UMore Park is underway. Clearly, nothing is going to go forward for years. Where is the funding? Public or private dollars are nowhere in sight. Environment impact studies, zoning approvals âÄî not even close. They need the specific plans, not vague concepts (the exception being the gravel pit âÄî a proud accomplishment).

Please look at the history of the utopian concept community. It is now just an auto-based, commuter, bedroom, distant suburb.

This will go the same way. No amount of good intentions will change reality. The area does not have not any alternative to private autos.

The University administration should concentrate on effective efficient delivery of education and research. Let developers develop and risk their investorâÄôs money. Maybe the best thing the University could do is leave some open space just for the sake of open space.