New IFC president aims to boost membership, marketing

Simon Beck, a junior in finance, accounting and applied economics and a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, will succeed Mitchell Kelley as Interfraternity Council president.

by Layna Darling

The University of Minnesota Interfraternity Council selected Simon Beck,
a Phi Kappa Psi brother and finance, accounting, and applied economics junior,
as its new president Sunday night.

Beck, who previously served as Phi Kappa Psi’s philanthropy chair and
the vice president of finance for the Interfraternity Council, will replace
outgoing president Mitchell Kelley.

In his year leading the governing body that oversees the University’s 30
IFC fraternity chapters, Beck said he hopes to expand membership through
greater recruitment and marketing efforts.

“The bigger we are, the more resources we have,” Beck said, adding that
he thinks a larger membership base would increase philanthropic activity.

When Beck joined Phi Kappa Psi in his first year, he said greek life was
foreign to him.

Now, “I couldn’t imagine my life without it,” he said.

The council elects presidents through a process of nominations, speeches
from candidates, a question-and-answer session with time to deliberate and a
vote by all chapter presidents.

Along with Beck, the council elected two additional new executive
officers Sunday.