Response to ‘Dogma bites Carlson’

Kate Garfield

I just wanted to say thank you for publishing the guest column âÄúDogma bites Carlson business education.âÄù I have been rejected by Carlson School of Management twice, and I really can relate with this article. Not only does Carlson need to change their curriculum and the way they teach, but they also need to change their admissions standards. If they looked for well-rounded people with a variety of different backgrounds instead of focusing on high GPAs, then they would have a higher diversity among the student body. This diversity would be beneficial for all students as they can learn from each other and not only from the professors. In every class I took at Carlson, I felt like a number to my professors and peers. Students were not friendly or helpful. They were all focused on competing against each other to get a better grade than the people sitting next to them and even their friends. This created a very hostile and toxic environment, which suffocated my learning style. Thanks for publishing this article. I think it really resonates with a lot of students here at the University. Kate Garfield University undergraduate student