The Teenage Years!

In the products of American culture, teenagers are often portrayed as insouciant, fornicating recipients of material comfort, who know nothing but drive-ins, orgasms, drugs and expensive cars. Realistically, however, the lives of American teenagers are less ideal, and are often perilously so.
Constant sexual frustration is probably the most undesireable part of being a young male, and the most common, as well. These young hairless boys are in a protracted state of transition between boyhood and manhood. Any sight of a woman’s body — an ankle, the upper part of the forearm, the neck — arouses both their senses and their genitals as well. The consequence, in fact, is often humiliating, and young men who indulge in classtime erections almost certaily develop erectile dysfunction later in life.
Unfortunately, young women experience a similarly uncomfortable period, although, due to their libidinous nature, certainly well deserved. Persistently, they try to prove their worth among fellow females by enticing hapless, hyper-horny boys into sexual relations of the oral, coital and anal varieties, frequently leaving their male victims in states of regret. By engendering such disrespectful behavior among each other, they propagate male attitudes of resentment towards them, which is the reason women can’t seem to obtain seats in the boardroom without first stopping off in the bedroom to spread their legs.
Although the teenage years are not as ideal as they are often portrayed, as long as there are young men with constant erections, there will be young women to seduce them.