For Palestine and Israel, peace is attainable

Dan GaronâÄôs Oct. 6 letter to the editor, âÄúIsrael wants peace,âÄù left an integral part of John F. KennedyâÄôs quote out, âÄúWe cannot negotiate with those who say, âÄòWhatâÄôs mine is mine and whatâÄôs yours is negotiable.âÄôâÄù Kennedy prefaced that sentence saying that, âÄúThe freedom of the city is not negotiable.âÄù
 Palestine is still willing to negotiate for the sake of peace, yet there is a difference between negotiations and compulsion. History since 1967 shows that Israel has been occupying Gaza in violation of international law. It is not possible to reject peace if it was not offered. Peace and the lack of freedom (coercion) is an oxymoron.
 LetâÄôs not play the âÄúunjust killingâÄù game, because both sides of the fence witnesses and experiences horror in all its varying forms. At some point, the two sides fought together against the European crusade, so history again shows that both can live side by side. Peace is attainable.