Response to “Morality in the United States”

It pains me to see how Yifu Chen has misinterpreted some of the facts of our nationâÄôs founding. Chen asserts âÄúWhen the United States was formed, this country made an âÄòallianceâÄô with God.âÄù The original Puritans who first settled the New World into Christian communities cannot be considered the founding members of America, as our nation was not formed for more than 100 years after their arrival. The signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was only the first step toward founding the United States. The founders were far more concerned with the principles of natural liberties and freedom in government than a government based on religion. It troubles me that so many Americans only view this country as a âÄúChristian nation.âÄù What about all the other religious groups in America? We need to realize that America is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities and religions, and we should be more accepting of our fellow AmericansâÄô views, even if they do not subscribe to our personal idea of morality. Kathryn Chylla University student