Trump-ed up accusations

by Ashley Goetz

The 2012 presidential election is becoming a gossip extravaganza thanks to one man’s ridiculous claims. Donald Trump has no business in politics in the first place, but he is taking his quest for attention too far by attempting to discredit President Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump has been dominating the headlines recently for his pursuit to find Barack Obama’s true birthplace. Trump reportedly even sent investigators to Hawaii to look into the matter.

It’s hard to say for sure what is more disturbing — the fact that one of the world’s most powerful businessmen is leading such a fanatical campaign, or that Mr. Trump has shot up in the polls for potential GOP candidates since he has made his suspicions public.

Not only is this man allowed to go on unsubstantiated rants on national television, but the American public is rewarding him for it.

Obama was born in the United States. Otherwise he would not have been elected president. He has presented a certificate of live birth to prove it. This argument should not be a topic of conversation any more, yet it is getting massive media attention.

Donald Trump is turning the race for the most important position in the United States into a circus. It is unclear if Mr. Trump truly intends to run for president, but even if he does, this is not the way to go about it.

Both Mr. Trump and the public should be ashamed of their actions: Mr. Trump for leading such a sensationalist offensive against President Obama, and the public for encouraging him. Donald Trump needs to excuse himself from the political scene and stop turning the 2012 presidential election into a tabloid story.

-Lauren Mueller

[email protected]