He fits the bill

Spencer Doar



Bill Burr makes a living bringing his cynical everyman insights to comedy-craving audiences everywhere—something he did in Minneapolis last Saturday.  Recognizable as Kuby from "Breaking Bad" and as the host of the "Monday Morning Podcast," Burr fielded questions with his trademark candor:

On his persona: “I am a lot different off stage.  I mean I couldn’t sustain that level of energy off stage. First of all, it’d be obnoxious.  I don’t want to be an angry guy.  You go a half an inch below my jokes and you get a big kid who needs a hug.”

On acting: “I’m definitely a standup comedian.  The acting thing is frosting on the cake.  It’s different: comedy is a solo thing and acting is a collaborative thing.” 

 On his sense of the world: “I’m smart enough to know I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.  You think about all the information in the world; I, maybe, have access to one hundredth of one percent. So I’m that loud guy in a bar who kind of makes sense but then you realize he flunked class.”

On his days:  “I go get the mail.  When I’m hungry I make a sandwich.  I’m really not that interesting.  When I’m at home, I try to enjoy being at home.”

On what’s changing: “What’s changing?  Your ability to reach millions on a cellphone.  When I was starting out, internet existed on some level somewhere, but cell phones were those giant things—I didn’t have a pager.  Back then, I don’t know how actors existed, wondering if going out they’d miss some call about an audition.

On my age (24): “You’re still searching for the meaning of life—I’ve given up.”

On growing up:  “I came from a very blue collar, sports-came-first kind of existence.  I think we had some theater department somewhere; very wood class, metal class, hockey team, but in terms of getting into show business, it seemed a billion miles away.”