Weapons dealer that sold to Va. Tech gunman closes

Nickalas Tabbert

An online weapons dealer who sold the handgun used in the Virginia Tech massacre closed shop after complaints from customers who allege he failed to deliver orders after billing them.

Police said Eric Thompson abruptly closed his Green Bay, Wisc. business after complaints from customers in nearly every state.

The company, TGSCOM, had connections to three mass shootings, Fox News said.  Seung-Hui Cho used a .22-caliber handgun purchased through the company when he killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in April 2007.  Stephen Kazmierck, who killed five people in a Northern Illinois University classroom in 2008, bought two empty magazines and a holster, the article said.

George Sodini, who killed three women at a Pittsburgh-area health club in 2009, bought an empty magazine and a magazine loading apparatus from the company.

Thompson said he is not responsible for how people use guns, but he still had run-ins with federal regulators.  He told the Green Bay Press-Gazette he was doing the best he could t osolve his problems and locate investors who could help him reopen.  He said he doubted he would face criminal charges.