Daily Digest: mortgages by race and Spring Break shape

Courtney Sinner

It’s Thursday! One of my favorite days of the week. Jumping right into the news:


* The U released a study today saying that the Twin Cities has been one of the worst in the country when it comes to racial discrimination and providing home mortgages. The most interesting piece: "Black borrowers with incomes exceeding $157,000 faced a 25 percent denial rate, compared with an 11 percent denial rate among whites making $39,250. The same pattern held true for high-income Asians and Hispanics." So far, the Strib and MPR, as well as KSTP, have reported further on the disturbing study.


* Christian Science Monitor has an interesting feature on some German engineers that are trying to make a wood and paper byproduct, lignin, into a new form of plastic that’s biodegradeable and more sustainable. Simo Sarkanen, an environmental science professor at the U, is sourced in the story.


* The New York Times’ health and wellness blogger Tara Parker-Pope has a Q&A entry about the new popularity of the Mediterranian Diet, which was first studied by U prof Ancel Keys in his now famous "Seven Countries Study." If you’re lookin’ to get back into spring break shape …


To quote Porky Pig, "That’s all, folks." Happy Thursday!


Courtney Sinner

Campus Editor