Response to ‘wargaming’

Greg Lewinski

I thought it was cool that you guys did a story about the University of Minnesota Wargamers club. I found out about it this semester and have been trying to go. Now that I know how many people go a week, I realize it would be worth my time to attend. However, I was also upset with some points in the article. The opening sentence starts with âÄúUnicorns, dragons, orcs and space marines âĦâÄù First off, if the writer had talked to the people in the club more, she would have found out that there are no unicorns in the games that she mentioned in the article. The writer goes on to quote a member who said, âÄúItâÄôs not like you just walk and see people playing soccer and ask to join.âÄù Which is exactly true âÄî in this day and age, if I went up to someone and said, âÄúHi, I push plastic men on the floor for six hours a night,âÄù I would get laughed at. Also, I can tell the writer really didnâÄôt do that much work for the article because she got the name of the game wrong. She calls it âÄúWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.âÄù If you type that into Google you will get links for a computer game. And my last point is that almost the entire article is quotes or summarized quotes from the people interviewed. Again, not much research when all the writer needed to do was ask a few questions. I was excited when I first saw the article, but after I read it, I was left a little disappointed. To people who actually play the game, it seems the author wrote the article to fill space. I commend the article, though, as it might bring more people to the club. Greg Lewinski, University undergraduate student