John & Kara on Diaper Commercials

by Kara Nesvig

We are sitting on my couch watching “The Doctors” on NBC and just happened to witness our favorite commercial concerning babies and 1960s music—we love all commercials about babies, especially that one of the baby eating spaghetti for 30 seconds on KSTP’s “political ad break,” and we love 1960s songs by The Youngbloods. Therefore, we loooove that Luvs commercial—you know the one, the psychedelic cartoon babies frolicking in a schoolbus to “C’mon, people now, smile on your brother/everybody get together/try to love one another.” Does it make sense? Not really. People having babies now don’t identify with the Youngbloods and the Love Generation, those are the grandparents of those babies. And the “Luvs” generation, well, I think all babies prefer Pampers. Then again, neither does the “Touch of Grey” men’s hair dye commercial that totally ruined “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream for me for the rest of my life, and I (Kara) love that song. Couldn’t they get the rights to the actual song “Touch of Grey” by the Grateful Dead? I don’t know what “Sunshine of Your Love” has to do with my dad dyeing his hair, except that the generation is kind of close? (My dad doesn’t need to dye his hair, either, ’cause it’s thick and silver.) But I’d be much more likely, were I a man with some issues about my greys, to buy “Touch of Grey” if it were soundtracked to that really happy Grateful Dead song versus that really bluesy/sexy Cream one. I don’t understand advertising.