Mini-Target comes to Dinkytown

Target’s small-format store could be just what the University neighborhood residents need.

Target will debut a small-format store in Dinkytown in July. The Minneapolis-based company announced earlier this month that the concept store, TargetExpress, will move into The Marshall, a new apartment building.

While the University community is used to similar chain convenience stores, such as CVS Pharmacy and the new Walgreens, TargetExpress may offer different product choices, such as groceries, home décor items and grab-and-go food options.

Target began offering fresh food options nationwide in 2009. Following this trend, TargetExpress could provide these necessary food options to the University community, which is in need of greater access to fresh food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Access Research Atlas shows poor access to food in the Dinkytown, Como and Marcy-Holmes neighborhoods.

Target spokeswoman Sarah Van Nevel told the Pioneer Press that TargetExpress would offer items for a younger demographic, such as “bags of lettuce, chicken breasts and essential items they might need to stop in and pick up at Target.”

The stores that offer these kinds of goods in the neighborhood have recently changed. The area saw the closings of century-old Harvard Market and House of Hanson and saw the addition of CVS and Walgreens. Now with TargetExpress moving in, it may be a case of “there’s always a bigger fish.” Hopefully, TargetExpress can differentiate itself from other convenience stores and offer greater competitively priced food and product options to fit our community’s needs.