Monson hires new staffers

More minor flip-flops have occurred in the men’s basketball program.
Last month, assistant coach Derek Thomas left Dan Monson’s program to work for Lon Kruger in Illinois. Arthur Prevost went from being the director of basketball operations to Thomas’ old position.
The chain of events led to an opening in Prevost’s former job.
Not anymore.
Assistant coach Mike Peterson is now the associate head coach, and Vic Couch is the new head of basketball operations.
Couch and Monson had a relationship dating back to their days in the West Coast Conference when Monson was at Gonzaga and Couch was at Santa Clara.
“One of his former assistants at Gonzaga brought it up to me that Dan was looking for someone, and I contacted him,” Couch said. “I grew up in Iowa and I want to be back in the Midwest and closer to my family.”
Couch was an assistant at Santa Clara since ’97. He was a defensive coordinator and recruiter and directed the Santa Clara camps. At Minnesota, he will oversee Monson’s GopherBall camps and game tapes of opponents.
Monson called Couch “overqualified for the position,” but the job has its lures.
“You look at all the schools around here,”Couch said, “this one is the best. It’ll be pretty hard for me to leave.”
— Mark Heller