Some tips for students voting Tuesday

Vote on Tuesday. Polling places and registering are easier than you think.

Your article in the Sept. 22 Daily about student organizations preparing for the Nov. 8 election was timely and very important to students.

I am pleased that University student organizations are picking up where they left off last year about voter registration before Election Day, and providing information about how to register the day of the election. The article was a little misleading, however, about registering on Election Day. The article stated that all you need to do is show up with a University ID, which is not correct. A student ID can be used to register on Election Day if it shows the student’s address in the precinct, which a U Card does not. When a voter registers on Election Day, he or she can use a number of ID forms, all listed on the Minneapolis elections Web site at Minnesota election law allows students to use the following IDs when registering on Election Day:

> Current student ID with current name and address in the precinct

> Current student fee statement with a current name and address in the precinct

> Current student registration card with current name and address in the precinct

> Student ID from a Minnesota postsecondary school if on a dorm list (obtained by the elections office from the school prior to the election)

Students may also use a Minnesota driver’s license or ID card if it includes the student’s address in the precinct. A Minnesota driver’s license or ID card with a utility bill in the student’s name and at the student’s current address works as well. 

A voter can be vouched for by another voter of the same precinct who may vouch for up to 15 voters. A vouched-for voter cannot vouch for another voter. 

Students living at school can choose to register at home or at school, but not both. Students can vote by absentee ballot with proper identification and information as listed by that state.

In addition, students need to know there are two polling places on campus: Coffman Union (The Whole) and the Minnesota Department of Health. There are 131 polling places throughout Minneapolis, and all voters, including students, must vote in the precinct where they reside. To find out which polling place to go to, students should use the voting precinct finder on the elections Web site. Not only will they find the correct polling place, they’ll be able to view a sample ballot and see a photo and map of the polling place. I hope this information is helpful to students planning to vote in the Nov. 8 city election.

Susanne H. Griffin is director of elections for Minneapolis. Please send comments to [email protected]