Vet med clinic nurses St. Paul K9 back to health

Boomer is expected to make a full recovery and return to work in three to four weeks.

Severe blood loss, two molars falling out and a fractured upper jaw âÄî all the result of being shot in a scuffle that killed a man police believed was suicidal âÄî landed Boomer in a University of Minnesota hospital Monday night. Reporters, not friends and family, huddled around the sick bed âÄî a cage âÄî of the 4-year-old German Shepherd Tuesday afternoon at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital. He was alert and smiling, despite bandages on his paws and a small wound on the left side of his face. His doctors described his condition Tuesday afternoon as stable and in âÄúgood spirits,âÄù and they expect Boomer will make a full recovery in three to four weeks. Dr. Julie Schildt, the critical care specialist monitoring Boomer on Tuesday, said the top concern was the amount of blood Boomer lost. The area where the bullet entered is considered to be âÄúnon-critical,âÄù but Boomer will undergo a second surgery Wednesday morning. Schildt said BoomerâÄôs handler had been to see the dog earlier on Tuesday. Assistant Clinical Specialist Dr. Greg Anderson , the veterinary surgeon who worked on Boomer, said thereâÄôs no way to know how much blood he lost at the scene or in transit, but Boomer received multiple blood transfusions Monday night when he arrived. Dogs, especially workforce dogs like Boomer, âÄúare very resilient,âÄù Anderson said. âÄúThey get through injuries like this a lot better than we would.âÄù Anderson said he doesnâÄôt think Boomer will have any long-term effects following his recovery. St. Paul Police spokesman Peter Panos said itâÄôs currently unknown whose bullet injured Boomer, and the three officers involved are on three days paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure. Panos said, based on evidence collected by the investigators, they believe the incident was a âÄúsuicide by police officerâÄù âÄî where the suspect purposely acts in a manner to provoke lethal violence from the officers. The victim was identified as Robert Jerome Jeske, 34, of St. Paul. According to a release from the St. Paul police, officers responded to a 911 call around 6 p.m. Monday. Panos said the officers didnâÄôt fire on Jeske until he pointed a handgun at them. âÄî Emma L. Carew is a senior staff reporter