MSA joins quest to perserve mandatory student services fees

Rebecca Czaplewski

The Minnesota Student Association took another step to support mandatory student services fees Tuesday.
After a short debate, the forum voted to pass a resolution that would back the Supreme Court’s decision to review the University of Wisconsin-Madison student services fees court case.
A district court ruling on the 1995 Wisconsin case deemed mandatory student fees unconstitutional.
MSA will sign a friends of the court brief in regard to the Wisconsin case. The Wisconsin lawsuit is similar to the University’s current lawsuit that was brought by five students opposing mandatory student fees.
Sam Tuttle, chairwoman of the Legislative Affairs Committee, said the University was not the only school being asked to sign the brief, which was brought about by Wisconsin’s student government.
“They’re trying to target all the Big Ten schools,” Tuttle said. “We’re saying that the student services fees process we have should not be attacked by lawsuits.”
Forum members also passed a resolution that supports the University’s investigation of academic fraud against the men’s basketball team.
Brett Rowlett, chairman of the Student Life Committee, said the resolution was in part spurred by local newspapers who challenged the University student government to take a stance on the investigation. The University Student Senate will look at the same resolution later this week.
“It’s important that MSA Forum passes the resolution to say that we’re behind the investigation,” Rowlett said.
During the remainder of a quickly paced meeting, forum passed three other resolutions; one was to support MSA-promoted events for the upcoming All-Campus Elections.