A quick, albeit late VMA reaction update from Kara & John

by Kara Nesvig

 We’re too stunned by the beauty and wonder that was Gaga’s performance to even blog about anything else, so we’ll leave you with a few reactions.

"My life dream is to become half-Beyonce, half-robot." – John Sand on Beyonce’s laser-ridden performance of "Sweet Dream"/"Single Ladies." And yes, a robot/Beyonce fusion would be a sight to see indeed, something to dream of. Beyonce is flawless.

Was Kanye’s Taylor Swift hijacking staged? If it was, Taylor did a good job acting stunned. Who wants their acceptance speech ruined by someone implying she didn’t deserve the award? Speaking of T. Swift, we all loved her adorable, youthful subway performance of "You Belong with Me."

This year’s VMA’s might be as lackluster as last year’s, and to be honest they’ve all been lacking since the Britney/Xtina/Madonna "Like a Virgin" but it is indeed a girl-power driven event and a good way to take up a few hours on Sunday. 

What do you all think?