The Daily Digest

Mike Rose

The Daily Digest is here to give you a glimpse at University-related news from around the metro and state. The segment will provide a window into how other media outlets cover campus, as well as nuggets of news that might not make the day’s paper. Enjoy! *With Election Day fast approaching, the University has become a center of attention. Last week, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie visited to encourage young voters to go to the polls. And this story from FOX 12 in Mankato looked at how student volunteers are trying to increase turnout. It will certainly be an interesting couple of weeks leading up to Nov. 4 in what promises to be a historic election. *The Morris campus has opened a biomass plant with a pricetag of $9 million. The plant – which burns wood chips,corn stalks and grain straw to produce fuel – is expected to provide up to 80 percent of the campus’s heat, the Star Tribune reports. By the spring, the plant is also expected to power air conditioning. *There has also been continued coverage of the University stem cell controversy, first reported in last Tuesday’s Daily . The New Scientist takes a look at the controversy in this briefing. On Thursday, the Daily will take a more in-depth look at some of the issues involved. Be sure to pick up that paper and take a look. Hope you enjoyed the first Daily Digest. I would love some comments to help me make this section more useful and usable to you, the reader. Mike Rose City editor