Tom Fiske

Tom Fiske is waiting for a revolution.
The Socialist Workers Party gubernatorial candidate believes an uprising of workers is looming and the capitalist system in our country should be abolished.
Fiske and his running mate, John Hawkins, said they support the University and its students. Fiske said he is in favor of vastly increasing the budget of higher education institutions across the nation.
He cited the lack of funding for higher education as a symptom of the capitalist system. Those in power want to keep the working class uneducated, Fiske said.
“The wealthy don’t want to fund higher learning,” he explained. “You don’t need higher education to drive a truck or work a keyboard.”
Fiske attended the University of California-Berkeley in the tumultuous Vietnam War era and participated in war protests. He said he sees a marked change in today’s University students as a result of modern world conditions.
“There is less political activity, but that’s because the big fights haven’t broken out yet. This fight is imminent,” he said.
Fiske said Cuba is an example of a successful socialist revolution. He said that Cuba is the most advanced political system that has broken from capitalism.