Kudos to University on cutting Russell contract

IâÄôm proud to see the University uphold its code of conduct by severing ties with Russell Athletic after denying their workersâÄô right to unionize. Many workers in Latin America are forced to work for poor wages in dangerous conditions that often compromise their health. By forming unions, the workers can obtain better pay and working conditions, which ultimately improve their quality of life. By maintaining this basic right, the University of Minnesota is joining other universities in establishing a precedent for future companies who wish to do business here. Not only is it phenomenal that the University is standing up for workersâÄô rights, but students were involved in this decision, as well. Students marched to convince the University to break its contract with Russell, and they were heard. Although a march shouldnâÄôt have been necessary to promote the basic rights of the Honduran workers, the UniversityâÄôs response is a promising step toward further code of conduct improvements in the future. Jill Stein University student