Daily Digest: Robots and UW-Madison’s financial situation

Lisa Zehner

Hello all. If you are leaving early for some turkey dinner at home, please do drive safe. But before you go, here are some things to digest before you get full off delicious turkey. Today’s digest:

*A new study authored by Rajesh Chandy of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School and a few other co-authors finds that innovation is largely determined by corporate culture, in a report by United Press International. Innovation is often very important to the growth and success of businesses and nations. The study, which was published in the Journal of Marketing, shows that drivers of innovation like government policy, capital, labor and culture are important, but the most important is culture. I’m guessing that’s why businesses like Google are so innovative because they pamper their employees.

*The Plymouth Police Department is using a wireless robot that was developed at the University of Minnesota and is made in St. Paul, Kare11 reports. The department’s SWAT Team is using the robot for scouting before storming in. Check Daily’s report on the scout next week.

*Similarly to the University of Minnesota, UW-Madison is also placing restrictions on hiring. The chancellor has to review every potential hire before actually filling a position, the Badger Herald reports. Dan Wolter, University of Minnesota spokesperson, says in the story that the current situation at our school could be affected is research grants for professors.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoy your breaks. But if you’re around tomorrow or at home, do come back for Wednesday’s digest.