Candidates want change, again

The Minnesota Student Association elections run through Wednesday.

If our endorsement is a diamond engagement ring, we are just not sure either of the candidates is marrying material.

The Minnesota Student Association elections start today, with winners to be announced Wednesday night. After speaking with both sets of candidates for president and vice president, we are, as a board, not convinced that either group will be able to successfully enact its ideas.

Both candidates have similar ideas: lowering textbook costs, maintaining MSA’s service-oriented activities like the Lend a Hand, Hear the Band concert and the MSA Express and improving student ties and involvement with MSA.

Emma Olson and Ross Skattum have the personalities to excite students and create a more personable MSA. They have good ideas for creating a Web site where students can rate their professors. But we feel they lack the planning needed to give students much else.

Nathan Olson and Adam Engelman have extensive MSA experience. They have well-thought-out plans for implementing their projects surrounding textbook costs and community involvement. They have both personally worked to enact programs that are concrete to students, like the MSA Express. But we feel their experience clouds their relatability.

While both sets of candidates want to increase MSA visibility and legitimacy to students, neither have concrete plans to update the MSA Web site. This would be an incredibly easy way for MSA to reach out to students, keep the community informed of their weekly activities and create opportunity for involvement. We think that updating the MSA Web site should be the foremost goal of the future president and vice president.

We want to encourage the winners of this year’s MSA elections to follow through with their goals. It seems that year after year, candidates focus on creating more awareness and legitimacy of MSA. What MSA really needs is an updated Web site and an ad campaign.