Students hit the stage for fame in campus talent show

Angela Gray

In light of homecoming spirit, the spotlight shone on University students performing in the “Go-Pher” Fame Talent Show at the Whole in Coffman Union.

Ten students braved a stage filled with spotlights, microphones, and instruments as an audience of 60 watched.

Campus committee chairwoman and event coordinator Aeriel Anderson said the talent show fit the Broadway theme of this year’s homecoming.

“I’m hoping this event can turn into an annual event,” she said.

Prepharmacy junior Emily Peckron said she attended the event to support her friend and contestant Mike Reynolds.

“I came here with friends to support Mike and earn greek spirit points,” Peckron said.

Kaitlin Moore, a first-year neuroscience student said she wanted to be a contestant after hearing about the talent show at a residence hall meeting.

“I’ve played guitar and sang for five years and performed in other talent shows in high school,” Moore said.

Contestants performed many different songs, including some by Ben Folds and Eric Clapton, and played instruments including a banjo and a credit card for a panel of four judges.

Jill Mikelson, a judge from Moore Creative Talent, said she was happy to be a part of the talent show.

“I have a background in singing and dancing and judged the Miss Minnesota pageant,” Mikelson said.

Another judge, Frances Emberley, said she was excited to see the acts.

“Being a professional dancer, it was nice to be on the other end and watch the performers,” Emberley said.

Judges had to rate each contestant on a scale of 1 to 5 in five categories: charisma, costume, originality, talent and fan base.

Of the three prizes, the pairing of Greg Jensen and Michael Marino won a golden microphone for vocals, a pair that dubbed itself “the shuffle king and queen” won a golden shoe for dance and Brian Li won a golden cowbell for the wildcard.