U students charged with trespassing on roof of Folwell

Police charged two students with trespassing and underage drinking.

by Elena Rozwadowski

Four people were arrested on charges of trespassing about 5:30 a.m. Friday on the roof of Folwell Hall. At least two of them are University students, according to police reports.

When police arrived, they said, they saw people going from the roof to the fourth floor of the building.

Police said they arrested a Carlson School of Management senior and a biological sciences student, along with two others.

According to the report, all four were charged with trespassing, while the University students were also charged with comsumption of liquor by a minor. Everyone was released at the scene.

St. Paul man found passed out next to van
St. Paul resident Haan Vanderwege, 19, was found passed out next to a van at 5:30 a.m. Saturday, according to police reports.

Police said they found Vanderwege in front of Blockbuster Video on Washington Avenue Southeast. Vanderwege said he arrived in the van, but did not know whom it belonged to or where his friends had gone.

The van was unlocked and contained a large bottle of rum and several cans of beer, police said in the report.

Police cited Vanderwege with consumption of liquor by a minor and took him home.

Underage student charged
Police cited a student with consumption by a minor after they saw him wander into the street about 4 a.m. Monday.

Officer Peter Reineke saw the 20-year-old student wander into the intersection of 13th Avenue Southeast and Fourth Street Southeast, causing traffic to slow and move around him. Reineke gave him a portable breath test and found his blood-alcohol concentration to be 0.209 percent.

The student was cited and released.

Beware of brat thieves
Two men were charged with theft Saturday afternoon after being accused of eating brats without paying for them at Joe’s Market on Como Avenue Southeast.

Joe’s Market employee Cassie Doran told police she saw the men eating the brats after having confronted them in the store earlier.

One of the men told police he had purchased the items at Cub Foods. When Doran said the price tags were from Joe’s Market, the man claimed he bought them at the market earlier, police said. Doran said she had not sold any brats that day.

Both men were cited with theft and released.