Not left nor right

I write to congratulate The Minnesota Daily on its endorsement of Dean Barkley for U.S. Senate. Throughout this entire campaign, Barkley has stood apart from and above the relentless mudslinging of his opponents, Al Franken and Norm Coleman. Those two have done nothing but show us that they represent politics as usual. Barkley, on the other hand, has remained steadfast in his commitment not to run negative ads. Moreover, he has focused on the national debt, budget deficit and his intention to balance the budget. Barkley has a real plan to address issues that neither the Republicans nor Democrats will even talk about. His dedication to ending the war, reforming health care and dealing with a disastrously wasteful government has been ably presented in all of the Senate debates. There is no more loyal public servant in Minnesota than Dean Barkley. He is the perfect embodiment of his partyâÄôs slogan: âÄúNot left, not right; Forward!âÄù Jonathan Lynn University student